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Are You A Small Office / Home Office Business with limited budget for a website?

AMP CMS was specifically developed for small businesses, majority of our current clientele consists of satisfied small business owners.

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What is Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) & AMP CMS?

AMP is a web framework and website publishing technology developed by Google which aims to "provide a mobile-first format for web content". It is an open-source HTML framework that provides a straightforward way to create web pages that are fast, smooth-loading and prioritize the user-experience.

AMP CMS is our custom developed content management systems to create beautiful AMP pages from scratch. Our CMS is flat-file based , which means the data is stored in flat files on the disk and not on a database. We have ensured that our CMS creates SEO friendly page that have the right schema and ready to be shared on various social media platforms.

From our drag and drop layout builder to the rich text editor, everything is built by keeping flexibility in mind. Why not try the demo today?

Benefits of AMP Pages

Web page speed is one of the main criteria for building better interactions with the visitors, if the site is slow to load, you might be losing business.

Using AMP CMS Building AMP pages is easy, Almost everything is user friendly and very intuitive.

AMP pages are cached on Google servers.

AMP CMS in a Nutshell

AMP CMS is a flat-file CMS that requires no database. Create blazing fast AMP pages that are responsive and SEO ready to ensure better search engine rankings

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