The Truth About Justia's Law Firm Websites

We are not the first to highlight this; there have been numerous articles written about Justia's law firm website offering. Justia uses their proprietary Content management System (CMS), just like we at AMPCMS do; however we also make & manage websites on WordPress. The decision to use either WordPress or AMPCMS is made by the client. 

While we spend time on the design board & planning the best strategy to setup your online presence, it seems like Justia made a website for their first client and said "Hmmmm, looks neat, now let's sell the same template to every other lawyer we can convince".

The funny part is they proudly list such cookie cutter websites in their featured websites carousel.

By the way, Justia also boasts of serving AMP pages in mobile devices, alas! the AMP template, like the desktop, is the same for almost all their clients.

In June 2019, Chris Dreyer from wrote Justia Reviews: 30+ Attorneys Reveal What They Like Best And Least.  He termed Justia's website offering as "semi-custom" websites for lawyers. Click on the link and read through his article, where you will find details about Justia's websites, content writing services, SEO, etc. He also analyzed the SERP ranking of websites in 10 major cities in US, his findings are also listed on the page.

Our Logic

If you are happy with Justia's offering - good for you! if you would like a cookie cutter website like Justia's template,  you should switch to WordPress and save a good amount of money. If you want your website to correctly portray you and your business plus generate good leads, Seek assistance from businesses like AMPCMS - By GraySquare Solutions 

How did we find these Justia websites?

It is actually a very simple technique that anyone could use. Justia add the line JUSTIA Law Firm Website Design in the footer of each website they design, so all you have to do it open and enter the search term "JUSTIA Law Firm Website Design" - yes, quotations too :) and you get a list of all their clients.

Once we had the website address, all we had to do was load them in the browser and check their templates. The list was ongoing but we thought that 50+ is websites is a good number for analysis.

Have a look at the websites below, notice how similar are these websites, if you are the inquisitive type, open up these websites in the browser and conduct your own analysis :)